Solis S1 WIFI + 4G Cellular Stick - SolisCloud Ready with 5 year SIM, 4 Pin for all S5 Inverters and Below

SKU: Solis-S1-W4G-ST-SIM-4-PIN


The Solis S1-W4G-ST-SIM-4-PIN is a new data stick for datalogging. This product uses cellular technology to connect to Soliscloud as well as connecting with WIFI. 

Customers can use this as a WIFI stick during normal operations and when the WIFI goes down the datalogger will automatically switch to cellular. This will give you and your customers a seamless connection and a peace of mind.

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  • Manufacturer Solis
  • Commodity Code 85437090
  • Dimensions (mm) (H x W x D) 128 x 50 x 34

  • Support WiFi and 4G communication.
  • Fault alarm, real-times monitoring.
  • Status indicator, east to display working status.
  • RESET button, one key send data, convenient debugging
  • Support Bluetooth nearby connection and debugging
  • One-key assignment of inverter address, efficient and labour saving

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