Pylon Force-L2 Battery 7.1kWh - BMS & Battery

SKU: Pylon-Force-L2-Battery-7-1-kWh-BMS-Battery

Package includes 2x 3.55kWh L2 batteries and L2 BMU

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The Force L2 the latest home energy storage system from Pylontech.


Pylon Force-L2 BMU with Base
SKU: FC0048


Pylon Force-L2 3.55kWh Lithium Battery
SKU: FL48074

Pylontech's modular design concept, combined with easy installation, simple connectors and outdoor compatibility it is the ideal storage solution that blends in a residential or small commercial setting. The stacking system provides flexibles configurations from 7.1kWh to 14.21kWh capacity. The system can be built from 2 to 4 modules and the base is required.

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