Battery Calculator

Estimate your power usage & what you need.

Sizing a battery based power system is always difficult. Best way is to list where possible all items and normal use. If you are already running off a generator measure your daily or weekly kWh usage. If your unsure - call us...we can quickly assess your needs and work with you to size an affordable system at will work reliably for years.


Lights x 5 @ 50W each running for 8 hrs per day

TV x 1 @ 80W running for 4 hrs per day

850W Microwave x 1 @ 1400W running for 1 hrs per day

ItemQtyWattsHoursWatt Hours
Example: Fridge145 W12 Hrs540 Wh
Total Watt Hours
540 Wh
ItemQtyWatts per ItemHours Used Per Day 


Charge / Discharge Losses%
Average Hrs of Full SunHrs
Battery Bank Voltage


Battery Capacity Ah (C10)
Suggested Solar Array Size- Kw
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