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Do you ever feel you're being penalised by not buying in bulk? We think it's important to point out the savings when buying containers or pallets of solar PV modules. A lot of our customers and installers prefer buying in bulk over buying just a couple of panels at at a time, this is because buying in bulk means huge savings. For business owners, this can be very beneficial.

For example the below modules are available large quantities:


  • Trina Solar - TSM-420-DE09R.08 - 936 pcs
  • Trina Solar - TSM-415-DE09R.05 - 936 pcs
  • Longi - LR5-66HiH-500M - 682 pcs
  • Longi - LR5-54HIH-410M - 936 pcs

To check out more details on the above products, scroll down. This is where you can save money by purchasing a bigger quantity. There are plenty more great value bulk modules available at CCL - so check out the full range here!

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