Fronius Symo Advanced 12.5kW Solar Inverter - 3 Phase with Communication

SKU: 4.210.160


Fronius Service Partners are able to deliver fast inverter servicing due to the unique way the Fronius Symo range has been developed. 

These units have been designed specifically to make replacing PC Boards quick and efficient to minimise the amount of down time of the system

  • The innovative hinged system design of this inverter offers a simple installation and servicing process for the user. 
  • The connection and power stage set compartments are installed separately with the connection compartment and the cables mounted to the wall first, followed by the power stage set compartment. This means when servicing the unit there is no need to detach the whole inverter; only the power stage set compartment needs to be removed, leaving cables, settings and configurations in place.
  • Fronius have included simple data monitoring with this inverter with the WLAN interface. 
  • The inverter connects wirelessly and allows the user to monitor how the solar PV system is performing via the Fronius SolarWeb using an internet ready device.
  • Fronius have made their inverters connect easily to the communication platforms offered by third party suppliers. 
  • The open Modbus TCP SunSpec standard protocol provides a simple way of establishing a data connection to other systems. 
  • This is achieved by using the existing Ethernet interface giving reliable communication.
  • Fronius have future-proofed their technology by equipping their inverters for the Smart Grid of the future. Advanced Grid features have been built into these inverters, these include control functions for optimum feed-in of reactive/effective power. This functionality allows for stable grid operation even in circumstances when the solar PV density is very high and yield losses can be a resulting factor. This helps ensure the return of your PV system.

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  • Manufacturer Fronius
  • Phases 3 Phase
  • Dimensions (mm) (H x W x D) 725 x 510 x 225
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