The telecommunications sector demands robust solutions that can adapt with the growing complexity of industry requirements. As the digital world develops, so does the need for better telecoms solutions. This need, coupled with the drive towards looking after the planet, has meant that the telecommunications industry must have access to the latest technology. Integrating hybrid technologies into telecommunication applications, significantly reduces operational costs.

Telecoms and CCL

For telecommunication-based installations, the electrical power must be from a very reliable source, that is usually supported by a reliable backup source. In many cases, the sites do not have access to a reliable grid and are reliant upon generation equipment. These deployments vary significantly in scale but all serve the same purpose of maintaining a communicative network.

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  • The need for hybrid in telecoms systems?

    All power sources require some form of energy input or ‘fuel’, to enable the loading to be satisfied. In some cases, particularly in the telecommunications sector, supply this fuel can result in great expense. By its very nature, the operation of a well designed hybrid system enhances the variation in energy resource that ultimately means less fuel is needed to supply the loads. This is not to say that energy is created from nowhere but rather the energy use is optimised. This not only results in few refuelling visits but also as the runtime of conventional generation reduces, so does the servicing requirement. Most scenarios will benefit from an approach that considers hybrid, be it retrofit or new installation, the savings to OPEX are significant.

  • Should I use a generator?

    Diesel, LPG and hydrogen generators, amongst others, all provide stable predictable sources of power. There are times when integrating a fuel based generation source into a telecommunications application is essential. Such an integration can work extremely well with our battery based power solutions, either with or without renewable resources.

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  • How do I manage my telecoms system?

    In the inevitable drive towards IoT devices, CCL believe that there is no reason that any component should be left behind. We offer a range of products to boost connectivity, management and visibility for all components that comprise a telecoms power solution.

    In many cases, our clients will have their own monitoring solutions in place, where we can integrate and supply data too with ease. Where there is no existing management platform, or there is an inadequate provision, our management platform can help pave the way towards total system visibility.

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Application: Upgrading of a UPS to system to lithium

CCL were tasked to provide a solution to facilitate an upgrade of UPS systems across an expansive portfolio. The client also required integration with the existing rectifier system to provide a remote management facility and real-time visibility of system performance. Some of the key challenges included optimising the battery capacity whilst pertaining to spatial considerations of existing installation; integration of legacy power electronics products into the CCL fleet management portal; providing and managing various access levels to multiple users for the newly upgraded sites. We were delighted to offer a solution that provided a sustainable, long-term and cost effective answer to the problems being faced by our client and the end-users of the system.

Case study

Satellite Backup

The telecoms sector requires clean reliable power, especially when broadcasting live events. A back-up solution was required for an international speed skating event in South Korea. The Victron Multis were selected for its fast changeover and clean AC output. Solution: 2x  5000VA Victron Multi’s and a small battery bank, sized for the required autonomy of the load. In the event of a power failure the Victron Multis provided continuous power, the changeover was seamless without any break in transmission. 

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