VDV ValkBox 3 Flat Roof Kit 20° Tilt

SKU: VDV-759003-20


The ValkBox 3-Uni set includes all mounting materials for installing one solar panel (landscape orientation) on a flat roof, such as 2 aluminum brackets with a tilt angle of 20 degrees (anodized for durability) and 4 special rubber tile supports for optimal pressure distribution.

The ValkBox 3 is a standalone unit, so you don't need to connect anything in case of expansion. A smart hinge system allows the panel to tilt, making it easy to place ballast tiles (30 x 30 cm). A clear ballast table with variables for wind region and building height is included to determine the appropriate weight.

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  • Manufacturer Van der Valk Systems
  • Panel Mounting Type On Roof / Ground
  • Mounting Type Flat Roof
  • Commodity Code 76109090

  • All mounting materials for installing one panel in one box
  • Suitable for pitched and flat roofs, compatible with almost any type of solar panel
  • Clear instructions for safe and quick installation
  • Special stainless steel DC cable clamps (no need for cable ties)
  • Systems developed according to Eurocode standards
  • Optional: clamps for attaching micro-inverters

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