Fronius Primo 3.6kW Solar Inverter - Single Phase with Communication

SKU: 4.210.067

The Fronius Primo

The Fronius Primo, single phase, transformerless inverter is the perfect inverter for domestic installs. 

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  • Manufacturer Fronius
  • Phases 1 Phase
  • Power Rating kW 3.6
  • Inverter Type String Inverter
  • Built in DC Yes
  • No. of MPPT 2
  • Built in Communication Integrated
  • Off-Grid Compatible Yes
  • Commodity Code 85044084
  • Dimensions (mm) (H x W x D) 645 x 431 x 204

From the middle of this year, a software update for the Symo Hybrid inverters will enable an ‘emergency power function’ which can be used in the event of power cuts. This functionality allows the user to have peak power supply regardless of the power outage. Simple system configuration is achieved with the aid of the built-in web server which features a graphical interface, WLAN and ethernet. Optimum efficiency is achieved for the entire system due to the DC coupling of the battery.


The user-friendly design of SnapINverter offers a simple installation and servicing process for the user. The connection and power stage set compartments are installed separately with the connection compartment and the cables mounted to the wall first, followed by the power stage set compartment. Thus when servicing the unit there is no need to detach the whole inverter; only the power stage set compartment needs to be removed, leaving cables, settings and configurations in place.

Integrated WLAN interface

Fronius have included simple data monitoring with this inverter with the WLAN interface. The inverter connects wirelessly and allows the user to monitor how the solar PV system is performing via the Fronius SolarWeb using an internet-ready device.

SuperFlex Design

The innovative SuperFlex Design permits the inverter the ability to manage any difficulties that it may encounter alone, such as varying roof orientations, shading or if modules are added to the system at a later date. This is achieved with the SuperFlex technology which incorporates the system demands into a single inverter format. Maximum flexibility is guaranteed with high system voltage and wide input voltage range. All DC inputs and MPPTs are therefore able to accommodate the whole nominal output of the inverter, making this inverter suitable for any application.

Dynamic Peak Manager

Dynamic Peak Manager is a new MPPT algorithm that changes when searching for the peak operating point. The full characteristic curve, routinely checks to find the global maximum power point (GMPP), even in partial shading.

Smart Grid Ready

Fronius have future-proofed their technology by equipping them for the Smart Grid of the future. Advanced Grid features have been built into these inverters, these include control functions for optimum feed-in of reactive/effective power. This functionality allows for stable grid operation even in circumstances when the solar PV density is very high and yield losses can be a resulting factor. This helps ensure the return of your PV system.

Ready for Storage

The ‘ready for storage’ design of this inverter means it can be altered to suit individual requirements. The inverter has full functionality so it can be adapted into a larger storage solution if required. The Symo Hybrid can be used as a solar inverter with 'emergency power function' or with the addition of the battery pack; providing power to the system owner day, night or during a power outage.

Multi-Flow Technology

Multi-Flow Technology enables varying DC and AC energy flows to run side by side. This means that energy from the solar panels and battery are both usable at the same time in a domestic environment but also means that the energy from the solar panels can be fed to the battery and the in-house network. The battery is therefore charged via DC and also AC power if available (e.g. from an existing solar PV system or a wind turbine). This means the inverter is also suitable for retrofitting on AC-coupled systems. The inverter handles these power flows prudently to ensure optimum self-sufficiency is achieved.

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